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The Call Off Process

Framework members invited to participate in a mini competition or negotiate a direct call off may still be required to satisfy the client with regards to:

  • Technical capability and capacity to satisfactorily deliver the projects (this assessment will take account of the framework member’s recent framework performance).
  • Delivery of the project within tendered rates
  • Robust financial standing
  • Acceptable health and safety accreditation

Clients accessing the framework retain the right to require framework members to provide Parent Company Guarantees and/or Performance Bonds.

The call off process will require framework members to return a tender based on price and quality.  The original framework invitation to tender (ITT) evaluation criteria will be used as the basis for mini competitions, albeit the criteria may be varied by clients to suit the nature and requirements of their individual call off project.  For example, where qualitative factors have less overall importance, the financial offer may be weighted higher, and vice versa.

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