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Framework Management

The framework will be managed by NPS Barnsley on behalf of Barnsley Council.

The framework managers duties include:

  • Provide procurement advice relating to the project
  • Provide client briefings on framework procedures in relation to the project call off
  • Provide standard tender and contract management documents
  • Carry out the call off process through the YORtender procurement portal
  • Collate and submit responses to tender clarification responses
  • Conclude an evaluation report and recommendations based on tender submissions
  • Provide post project call off advice regarding framework operation/management
  • Carry out framework (not project) performance measurement and management

Please note: Neither Barnsley MBC or NPS Barnsley Ltd will have any liability for the services procured by organisations using the framework.

The duties of the client are to:

  • Complete the access agreement
  • Complete a detailed project brief
  • Confirm procurement service requirements (if additional to the framework manager’s duties)
  • Provide project specific documentation as required to complete all call off documentation requirements
  • Carry out due diligence checks as required on framework members (i.e. financial checks, insurance checks etc.)

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