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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there one fee for all consultants or does each consultant come with their own fees?

For both Land Advisor and Land Broker, fees will depend on the complexity of the project.

Land Broker: You will be quoted a fee which will be a % of the land sale values and will be paid to the Land Broker following sale of the land.

Land Advisor: Fees will be either hourly / daily rates OR fixed lump sum fees quoted by the consultants in advance where the scope of service can be determined.

If you have surplus land or building(s) and you start the process with Land Solve, are you committed to following through with the process?

Land Brokers – as this work is carried out ‘at risk’, you will need to commit to the process.  If for any reason the project does not go ahead, there are abort fee’s which will need to be paid.

Land Advisers – you will pay the consultant for the work undertaken and can stop this at the end of any stage.

Does the land/property have to be a minimum size or a particular use class?

No, our range of expertise can help with land or property of any size or use.  Our expertise and sector knowledge can be used for anything ranging from a single dilapidated property to multiple assets within an estate portfolio.

Do all sites have to have a commercial side in respect of committing to job creation?

No, however we appreciate and understand your commitment to job creation, local economy and sustainability.

How easy is the process of appointing Land Solve for land advice?

It couldn’t be easier, our expert consultancy team have pre-arranged appointment and fee levels. Just contact us by phone or email.

What are the advantages of using Land Solve instead of existing property team?

Ease of appointment, expert commercial and market knowledge, track record of best value and delivery, always available, Pace, Risk aversion, development management, property agency, Local Authority backing trust and understanding. We can also work with your existing property team.

Are the rates quotes subject to indexation?

There will be no year-on-year annual uplift for inflation applied to the time-charge rates for the duration of the framework.

How is quality and best value monitored and maintained?

Key performance indicators will be used to monitor the performance of both the framework and individual projects called off from the framework.

Can we help...

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